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is a good starting point.

Our initial consultation carries no cost or obligation. We typically spend 30-60 minutes together.  Your only commitment is time.


Here are some other documents that are helpful during our initial meeting:

  • List of Assets (Real Estate, other)

    • Bank Statements

    • Investment Statements

    • Retirement Plan Statements (401k, 401a, Pension, Profit Sharing, etc.)

  • List of Liabilities

  • List of Insurance Policies and Annuities (other insurance . . .)

  • Tax Returns (last 2 years)

  • Estate Planning Documents (wills, trusts, etc...)


What should you expect at the end of our meeting?  A handshake and a commitment to follow-up.  That’s it!  Future meeting and actions will be mutually agreed upon and at your discretion.

From the introduction to the relationship.  Matching needs to services and experiences to expectations is critical in establishing a healthy client/advisor relationship. Every person that sits down with us has desires that must be balanced with financial resources, current and future goals.  It’s our job to integrate each of these elements into a  plan that makes sense for your family.  We bridge the gap between the American dream and the American reality.


Our process leads to understanding.  We focus on where you are and where you want to go.


Filling out our                                 



Before any decisions are made, we each need to find out if we’re right for one another. If you’re interested in becoming a client, let’s schedule a discovery meeting.   That will give us a chance to ask you about your long term goals and explain how our management styles can help you achieve those goals.

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